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Dean Da Costa

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Research Technologist

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Some Questions You Might Have
right-iconWill my unused credits rollover?

Yes! The rollover period varies for each plan as listed on the pricing page. Example: A 2 month rollover will be valid for 2 additional months at the end of your first subscription month. So if you bought your plan say January 1st, then your first issue of credits would be valid until April 1st. Your next issue of credits on February 1st valid until May 1st and so on.

right-iconWhat does a credit give me?

One credit gives you all the information we have displayed in preview form for a person's profile.

right-iconCan I share my credits with other users?

On plans that have Team Management enabled, you can add users, set credit limits, view usage and gauge ROI for all team members. Credits do not get used twice if 'showing' the same profile. You can also see the contact other team members have 'shown'.

right-iconWhat happens to my credits when I cancel my plan?

Your credits remain active until the end of your subscription period.

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